Hope Library opened its doors in June 1991 in the Hope Town Office Building,

formerly the Hope Elementary School.

Several years ago, the building was renovated to its present state, still housing    the Town Office and the Hope Library.

Before the renovation could begin, the entire library contents were packed up       and stored. During the renovation period, the Hope Library was closed.


After renovations were completed, all library contents were returned,                 unpacked and gradually re-shelved, but new opportunities were



This prompted an intense plan to revitalize the Hope Library.  Grants were             applied for and awarded, which have provided the up-to-date technological equipment, new furnishings, new books and other resources, as well as other new technology and more new books that we will be able to acquire and introduce.

The Hope Library depends upon grants and donations for its operating budget. Donations can be sent to the library at 441 Camden Road, Hope, 04847.

Hope Library Board of Directors: Judith Jones, Mary Waltz, Amy Gertner, Jill Lang and Yvonne Gloede.

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